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2018 China Skills Competition "Information Network Cabling" Perfectly Closed

On June 15th, after three days of fierce competition, the "Information Network Wiring" competition of the 2018 China Skills Competition - the 45th World Skills Competition national selection held at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center officially came to an end. This competition is the largest event to date for the “Information Network Cabling” competition. The competition area covers an area of 1,700 square meters. It establishes 28 races and accommodates 27 outstanding players from 23 provinces in China.

The contestants participating in the competition stood out through the selection of provinces and cities and entered the national trials. After 15 hours and four major modules, they finally selected 10 players from 27 outstanding players to enter the national team. As a competition platform, competition materials, and technical support unit for competitions in the information network cabling contest, V&C Education witnessed the exquisite artist display in the contest.

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