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2018 China Skills Competition Shanghai Selection

On June 13th, the 2018 China Skills Competition, the 45th World Skills Competition national trial, was officially held at Halls 8.2 and 7.2 of Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. The China Skills Contest is sponsored by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and organized by Shanghai Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau. There are 46 teams from all parts of the country, and about 900 players compete in 46 competitions such as information network cabling, network system management, carpentry, and fashion technology.

At the same time, 38 venues from the high-tech talents training base and World Tour partners have provided skills display and interactive experience activities. VCOM Education is the 19th member of the "Global Industry Partnership" of the world's first China World Skills Contest. It is also available at the 2017 China International Skills Competition, the 44th World Skills Competition and the 45th World Skills Competition in various provinces and cities. Information network cabling match competition platform, competition materials and technical support, with domestic and international contractors experience and technology accumulation and capacity building.

Therefore, VCOM Education was invited to participate in this nationwide trial information network cabling event, providing 28 competition platforms and competition materials that meet the World Standards for this competition, and provide technical support for the competition. The information network cabling project is pided into four major modules, namely, module A: fiber optic cabling system; module B: structured cabling; module C: smart home/office applications; module D: speed race; a total of 27 provinces in 23 provinces Players participate in the match and the schedule is pided into 3 days for a total of 15 hours.

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