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"2018 Henan VCOM Education integrated teacher training course" organized by VCOM Education

The VCOM Education since 2018, has successfully held four games to the world skills contest for the standard of skill training classes, to summer, VCOM Education once again usher in game 5 in 2018 for 25 days "integration of vocational education teacher training course in Henan province" in 2018, the club hall of Henan people held a total of seven integration of professional teacher training, including network cabling, went to Guangzhou by the world organization global industry partners - viable health education training for enterprises.
On July 21, into the "skill training module of the first phase of the enterprise training courses, courses around the world skills competition standard, joining the game information network wiring in events specified test equipment sponsor" the United States fluke "with the optical fiber welding equipment sponsors - Japan, rattan storehouse respectively for the training course on optical fiber and twisted pair testing technology, provide optical fiber welding technology and optical fiber technology and equipment such as welding machine; As the "global industrial partner" of the world skills organization, VCOM Education provides the course planning, development, implementation and implementation for this training.
In the way of modularized demonstration and explanation, the key points of the five modules of the world competition are explained and the training of the practical operation is conducted. Last 11 days ended the skills of speaking, course speaker by lecturer has a good player who got the game experience, according to the theory of education and teaching methods, and to demonstrate the way of interpretation of the analytical skills, knowledge, and the students all hands in field, the method of phase, step to let students know and understand the world standards and points of skills contest. Through 11 days of practical operation training, it shows the awareness and understanding of the core teachers of network wiring in Henan province to the practical operation teaching of network wiring, and also feels that the teachers actively participate in and share.

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