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2018 The National Skills Contest

After successfully co-organizing the "2018 China skills competition" on June 15, viacom education has entered the national competition again.During July 3 solstice 5, in dongguan city electronic technology school, viable health education as the game equipment providers co-host "2018 national professional colleges and universities information technology skills contest (secondary) information network cabling, photoelectric information technology application" two games, building world-class standards for the contest game platform, provides the game equipment, material and technical support.

The competition attracted a total of 75 participants from 52 teams from 13 provinces, municipalities and special administrative regions, including guangdong, shandong, henan, Shanghai and Macao.

After two days of tense and fierce competition, in 2018 the national vocational colleges and universities information technology skills contest, dongguan pision game in this game, all players showed a higher professional quality and the spirit of hard work, not only show their professional level, also learned more professional ability, make the competition become the competition between teachers and students learn from each other, mutual communication, mutual play, show the elegant demeanor, the pursuit of a dream important stage.

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