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Signing Ceremony of WorldSkills International & VCOM

8TH Feb, 2018, the global industry party signing ceremony of WorldSkills International & VCOM held in VCOM Education Ltd. Mr David Hoey who is the CEO of WorldSkills and Mr Alexander Amiri who is director and sponsor of WorldSkills, Mr Lv Yulin who is human resource social security bureau and Mr Liu Xinchang who is human resource inspector of vocational capacity attended to it.

President of VCOM company Mr Huang Shuaimin and general manager Ms Wang Yanfeng represented VCOM company welcome all of them came to ceremony. Also, Ms Wang Yanfeng had a brief introduction of VCOM Company and the future cooperation plan with WorldSkills in 2018 to our guests.
Mr Lv Yulin and Mr Liu Xinchang gave the highly compliment and praise to what VCOM company did in Abu Dhabi WorldSkills 2017. Hopefully VCOM can do more best in the WorldSkills Shanghai 2021. After that, witnessed by them, Mr David Hoey and Ms Wang Yanfeng signed up the cooperation agreement.

The members of WorldSkills and VCOM company took a group photo after the signing ceremony. VCOM as the partner of WorldSkills promise that we would give our best service and provide the professional products to all of the competitors.

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