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The 2018 China Skills Contest "Communizes Skills Development and Shares the Fusion of Production and Education"

The “information network cabling device” researched and developed independently by VCOM Education has become the competition platform for the 2017 China International Skills Competition and the 44th World Skills Competition, and it also provides materials and technical support for the information network wiring contest competition for the contest. In November of the same year, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security jointly declared to the World Skills Organization, based on the new “Opto-optic Advertising Technology” new event that is based on modern LED optoelectronic technology and is widely used. The 2018 China Skills Competition will showcase new projects.

Photoelectric advertising technology is based on LED light source advertising technology form, the new LED light source technology has the characteristics of green, energy saving, environmental protection, aesthetics, and strong plasticity, becoming the main material of modern urbanization and commercial advertising, due to the wide range of optoelectronic advertising in the world With intensive applications, the optoelectronic advertising technology industry has a large scale and talented people are in great demand.

Simon Bartley, Chairman of the World Skills Organization, and David Hoyt, CEO, and his team visited the “Information Network Cabling” exhibition area of the China Skills Competition in 2018 and exchanged ideas with Wang Yanfeng, general manager of the competition platform provider Weikang Education.

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