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VCOM Academy-First Class

People said that life is a class, you just live and learn.
Today, we had a class and our teacher was Mr Steven who is sales manager of VCOM.

The topic was history of VCOM and future of VCOM. As you know that VCOM was found in 1997 , our general manger with Mr Steven and other VCOM staffs worked together in a very small factory.

Since 2004, VCOM attend the Canton fair in first time and VCOM brand launched in 2006. VCOM brand can be known in over 92 countries with 220 distributors without their efforts. As in the deep heart they love this brand, they love their job. They want to their spirit can be transmitted to the next generation. After the class, everyone felt that spirit and know that VCOM can be better and better. VCOM is the best, VCOM beyond your imagination.
Keep moving without any cower. VCOM

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