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VCOM Annuel Meeting 2018

This is our VCOM annuel meeting- a great and happy party. It is really appreciated all of customers’s support and help in 2017. VCOM will keep harder and provide our best service to you.
This year, VCOM was glad to tell you that we already be the Global Industry Partner of WorldSkills International. We believe that the development of VCOM in 2018 will go up not more than 50% and VCOM products will let every foreigner knows what is Made in China.

It's also worth noting that people are joyous so much because of the prepared signature wall and red carpet. Signing names and taking photos before taking a seat seem to be a tradition. Everyone looks happy.

Three subsidiary companies, VCOM Education, VCOM Commuication and VCOM Internatioanl unite together for celebrating VCOM’s development in 2017 also hope the better in 2018.

VCOM is the best, VCOM will go futher in 2018. Let’s make it come ture.
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