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VCOM Education 38th Integrated Wiring Manager (Intermediate) Training Course Completed Successfully

On May 14th, VCOM China Education's 38th "Lineman-General Cabling Administrator (Intermediate)" national vocational qualification training course was successfully completed. This training will last for 5 days, from May 10th to 14th, and will be hosted by Guangdong VCOM Education Science and Technology Co., Ltd., a professional skills appraisal training institution, and will be successfully held in Guangdong Light Industry Vocational Technical School.

This training is pided into two major categories of theory and practice.
Both theoretical and practical courses are taught by Liu Liulin, a senior engineer at VCOM Education and Research Center. The theoretical courses respectively cover the overview of intelligent buildings and integrated wiring, terminology and symbols for integrated wiring, wiring equipment and wiring tools, engineering design and acceptance specifications, construction technology of integrated wiring engineering, and safety production specifications for integrated wiring systems.

The teacher integrated the theoretical knowledge learned by the students in the theoretical class into practical operation and carefully explained and guided the operation. The practical training of PVC trucking, trough molding, integrated wiring system test equipment and testing technology, installation of 110 voice wiring, seven subsystem installations of integrated wiring, and optical fiber connection have made it possible for students to further improve their operation level and bring them closer. The school's teaching content and the actual requirements of companies and projects.

According to the relevant regulations of the National Vocational Education Law, the Labor Law, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, in order to improve the skill level of the integrated wiring personnel, it is required to engage in the maintenance of communication lines and the management of integrated network wiring. Construction and maintenance personnel hold certificates. VCOM Education’s integrated wiring administrator training strictly requires training and research in accordance with national standards. Those who pass the training and assessment will be issued by the National Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as “Comprehensive Cabling Administrator (Intermediate)” national vocational qualification certificate and VCOM Training Academy awarded the enterprise certification certificate to achieve dual national and industry certification.

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