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VCOM Education Organizes The 45th World Championship "Information Network Cabling" In Xingan League

From March 24 to 25, the 45th World Skills Competition Information Network Cabling Project organized by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the Department of Education, the Ministry of Finance, and the General Trade Union was held at the Xinganmeng Advanced Technical School. Complete success.

A total of 12 contestants competed in this competition and 4 players with excellent results were selected in the competition to participate in the 45th World Skills Competition in Inner Mongolia held from April 2nd to 3rd. VCOM Education will continue to host the 45th International World Cup Qualifying Tournament. It will provide international standards for competition platforms, event referees, technical documents, competition solutions, and technical support. It will meet the requirements of national trial competitions and provide skills upgrading in accordance with provincial and municipal standards.

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