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VCOM Education Warmly welcome Changchun machinery industry school leadership team visit

On January 6, 2019, Changchun mechanical industrial school party secretary Yu Lihui, is responsible for the moral education work, comprehensive management, teaching management, information construction, professional construction, cooperation between colleges and other 10 leading groups to visit VCOM Education.

Yan-feng wang, VCOM Education director of sales and Song peng, general manager participate in the meeting, the meeting around by the world organization for skills (WSI), "the global industry partners" VCOM Education and the skills contest (WSC) information network cabling 02 games competition. 

Finally, Yu Lihui wished  VCOM Education and Changchun machinery industry school school-enterprise cooperation success. And to Changchun machinery industry school leadership a visit to VCOM Education guidance expressed welcome and thanks.

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