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VCOM carried out 20 information network wiring international competitions

VCOM education since February 8, 2018 with the world world skills, organization skills contest organizing committee signed a "global business partners", successfully hosted the 25 community skills contest the world standard, in view of the players, teachers, experts and relevant training, at the same time carry out 20 games to practice the skills contest "information network wiring" games of provincial, national and international events, radiation 12 two parts of the country, and have established the five information network cabling and the standard of national base.On October 15, held in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, the world organization for skills all members of congress, viable health education to 79 member states and regional members introduced following the 44th world skills contest information network cabling games after the game platform, and a new world skills contest declare new disciplines "photoelectric advertising technology", which the games as a new declare games, 2021 Shanghai world and joint of human resources and social security, Shanghai municipal human resources and social security bureau skills contest to declare to the world.

The world skills organization has three levels of sponsorship: global senior partners (GPP), global industry partners (GIP), and global supporters (GS).Global industry partners believe that industry, education, governments and policy makers should work together to increase the visibility and recognition of skilled professionals around the world and to improve the abilities, status and economic prospects of young people. VCOM education has become a global industry partner and actively participates in and promotes the world games.The world skills competition activities provide an excellent opportunity to meet and collaborate with outstanding education leaders on important skills development. According to the world skills organization, the competition platform in the world skills competition provides enterprises with the choice of "global industry partner" member enterprises as the preferred choice, providing competition platform and technical support for the competition.

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