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VCOM education the 4th skills champion contest in Jiangsu

The final of the 4th Jiangsu top scorer skill contest was successfully concluded in Zhenjiang on November 26th. Skilled experts from all over the province competed for the title of "top scorer" in 6 competitions, including "one main champion and five deputy winners", such as Zhenjiang technician college and Zhenjiang higher vocational and technical school. The main competition venue Zhenjiang technician college has information network wiring, CNC machining center, industrial robots and other 10 projects nearly 260 contestants.The competition shall set up competition items with reference to the competition items of the world skills competition, which shall conform to the national professional standards and the technical standards of the highest level of professional skills competition -- the world skills competition.

As the information network wiring competition platform provider designated by the world skills competition, viacom education was invited to participate in the "information network wiring" competition of the fourth jiangsu skills champion competition, which has built 25 sets of world standard competition platforms for the competition and provided technical support for the competition.The contest lasted 10 months, nearly 50,000 employees and students across the province through skill training and preliminary screening, 463 players were selected to participate in the final of 20 occupations (projects).This competition is the comprehensive vocational skill competition with the highest standard, the widest scope and the greatest recognition strength in jiangsu province. It is an important platform for selecting and training top talents with high skills.

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