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Warmly Welcome Huizhou Technician College To Visit VCOM Education Ltd

On March 15th, Zhang Yuqing, Dean of Huizhou Technician College, Wu Xinhuan, Associate Dean, Director He Peisen of Department of Electronic Engineering, Director Chen Zhenhui of Information Engineering Department, Director Xia Wei of Teaching and Research Office, and Director Zhu Suai of the Public Training Center visited our school. Wang Yanfeng, general manager of VCOM Education, Sun Kaili, deputy general manager, Song Peng, sales director, Liao Jianhong, chief operating officer, and Huang Guocheng, product manager, gave a warm welcome.

After entering the VCOM Education & Research Center, Mr. Huang Guocheng, the manager of VCOM Education Products, briefed Dean Zhang Yuqing of Huizhou Technician College on the details of the new products, new technologies and teaching transformation applications that the company is developing according to the standards of the World Skills Competition. Prof. Zhang Yuqing and other officials conducted heated discussions and exchanges. During this period, Dean Zhang Yuqing affirmed and recognized the new products developed by VCOM Education. Personally, we provided guidance on the research and development concepts and teaching transformation applications of the VCOM Education and Research Center.

After visiting the VCOM Education and Research Center, the two parties came to the conference room. Mr Sun Keli introduced the company to Dean Zhang and his dean.

VCOM Education looks forward to cooperating with Huizhou Technician College quickly to jointly promote the development of professional applications such as light source application technology and information network cabling, and jointly promote the World Skills Contest. Finally, Zhang Huichang and other members of Huizhou Technician College once again expressed their welcome and gratitude for their visit to Vuitton Education.

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