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WorldSkills Competition Qualification Trials In Heilongjiang Province

On April 26-28, the Heilongjiang Provincial Selection Tournament was successfully completed at the 45th World Skills Contest Information Network Wiring Competition held at the Heilongjiang Technical College for 3 days.

VCOM Education was invited to host this World Skills Contest Information Network Cabling Competition in Heilongjiang Province Selection Competition
On the morning of March 26, the opening ceremony of the 45th World Skills Competition in Heilongjiang Province was officially opened at the Heilongjiang Teachers College. A total of 13 schools participated in this opening ceremony, with a total of 25 teams.
As the platform designer of the 44th World Skills Contest Information Network Cabling Competition, Wu Shaohong, Director of Educational Technology at VCOM, served as the referee of the contest and led the players on the spot in a fair, open and fair environment on March 26th. Check-in and tool materials check in and get familiar with the venue.
On March 27-28, the game began officially. Hope everyone could do their best.

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