The knowledge of fast wireless charging

A little bit about wireless quick charging
Q1: At the same output power, which is faster, wireless or wired?
A1: Currently, the universal standard of wired charging is over 10W (5V2A), while the QC fast charging of qualcomm is over 18W, and the redefinition of charging line port of inpidual mobile phone brands can be higher. The fastest wireless charging standard in the market is only 10W.
In addition, the principle of wireless charging is "electric-> magnetic-> electricity", that is, the whole charging process has two energy conversions, and the conversion process has 20-35% energy loss. Therefore, with the same output power, wireless charging is slower than wired charging, and it takes at least 3 hours to fill.
The "wireless quick charge" now on the market is actually relative to earlier versions of the wireless charging protocol (5W).

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