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Dolby’s Dimension headphones bring home theater sound to your ears

The Dimension has a pair of 40mm custom acoustic drivers, promises up to 15 hours of battery life connected over Bluetooth 4.2 and, most importantly, perhaps, is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon quad-core ARM processor. The Qualcomm chip is key, because unlike most wireless home theater headphones, Dolby's Dimension doesn't have a base station that handles the sound processing. Here, it's all done on the headset itself, through a feature Dolby is calling Virtualization. What this does, essentially, is mimic a three-dimensional depth and space to create a surround sound effect for whatever you're listening to on the Dimension, be it movies, TV shows or music.

There are also touch and physical controls as well as a head-tracking feature that keeps the sound fixed to its source regardless of the direction you're looking at. Say you're watching a movie on your TV and turn your head to the left; then the sound that should be coming from in front of you will all be on the right side of the headphones. Dolby says turning on Head Tracking can offer a "more immersive, realistic experience" when you're watching a film or TV show, but it does come at the cost of battery life. Then you have the Dimension's LifeMix, a setting that lets you control how much outside noise you want to hear, similar to the transparency mode on other headphones.

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