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Grado's first wireless headphones are the open-back GW100

During my visit to Brooklyn's Grado Labs last year, CEO John Grado explained why the company hadn't yet made wireless headphones. "I still don't think it will sound as good as the wired stuff," he said. "But we feel the technology has gotten to the point where we feel it would be worth it for use to start getting our feet wet." Well, the time as come. This week Grado Labs revealed the GW100: the company's first wireless headphones that just happen to be the first open-back wireless headphones, too.


If you're not familiar with Grado, the family-run company makes a wide range of open-back headphones that cater to both entry level and audiophiles alike. With the GW100, Grado adds wireless to a design that draws inspiration from its existing Prestige Series. You can expect the company's signature sound, thanks in part to drivers specifically tuned for the demands of Bluetooth. Grado also says it reduced the escaping sound by 60 percent over its wired headphones, thanks to redesigned speaker housings and internals.

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