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Logitech's latest MX mice are ready for your multi-PC setup

Most mice are designed with the assumption that you'll pair them with one PC at a time. But that's just not realistic these days -- there's a good chance you have multiple systems. And Logitech thinks it can do something about this with its latest flagship mice. It's introducing the MX Master 2S (shown at left) and MX Anywhere 2S, both of which support new Flow software that lets you control as many as three computers with one mouse. You can even use that lone peripheral to copy files from one PC to the other, so this could be helpful if you want to flick a document to your laptop before you leave for coffee.


Of course, the mice aren't just about software tricks. Both MX models are making huge jumps in precision (from 1,600DPI to 4,000DPI), and you'll get longer battery life that promises up to 70 days of runtime on a charge. As usual, the biggest differences between the MX models comes down to where you use them. The Master 2S is built for your desktop with a huge ergonomic grip and speed-adaptive scrolling, while the Anywhere 2S is more for the portable crowd with neither of those frills.

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