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Logitech's G Pro headset is built for eSports

With the new G Pro headset, Logitech set out to make something that gamers could wear for hours on end, without getting fatigued. It's a fairly straightforward pair of headphones: It only offers stereo sound (no fancy surround option), and it relies on an analog audio connections. Instead of the sports mesh headphone material found on Logitech's other gaming headsets, though, the $90 G Pro sports soft leatherette. The company claims it offers 50 percent more sound isolation than before, but more importantly, the new material simply feels better. (The previous covering made my ears feel a bit itchy after a few Overwatch matches.)

The headphones feature Logitech's Pro-G drivers with a slightly more aggressive sound profile than last year's headsets. While I found the G433 and G533 to sound a bit flat, the G Pro accentuate bass, which makes plenty of gaming moments feel more satisfying. Some music fans prefer a neutral sound profile, but when it comes to games, that tends to sound dull. The G Pro comes with a removable microphone, which features noise-canceling and better sensitivity than past Logitech offerings. You'll need a separate microphone jack to take advantage of that feature, which could be a problem for some gaming laptops.

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