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NuraLoop packs personalized sound into wireless buds

Nura's first headphones were certainly a conversation starter. The hybrid design mixed over-ear design, with in-ear buds. The wireless headset's main trick, however, was the built-in audio test that uses otoacoustic emissions to spot any weak spots in your hearing and adjust the sound to compensate -- like having glasses for your ears.


Nura's just revealed its second pair of headphones, called the NuraLoop -- the design is much more conventional, similar to many sports-flavored wireless buds. But that all-important hearing test remains. That's not the only DNA the NuraLoop inherited from its bigger sibling. Many of the other smart features are present here also. This includes Active Noise Cancellation, Social Mode (hear the outside world mixed with your music) and the ability to add a 3.5mm cable for extra flexibility. According to the company, that cable connects magnetically, so it'll be interesting to see how robust that is in the real world.

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