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Nuraphones update adds noise-cancellation and 'transparency' mode

When I reviewed the Nuraphones, I was impressed. The unusual in-ear/over-ear design might look weird, but it actually works very well -- and the personalized audio profiles are impressive. Makers, Nura, were a newcomer, but the build quality and attention to detail were better than many companies that have been in the game for several years. Not everything was perfect though. The physical controls were limited, and there wasn't even a way to know they were charging/charged.


Today, the Nuraphones are getting a serious upgrade, for free, and it's as simple as a firmware update. The "G2" software brings -- among other perks -- Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and "Social Mode" (sometimes known as audio-transparency -- allowing you to hear the world around you without taking the headphones off). A cynical company might have released "new" hardware and bumped up the price, but Nura is offering this as a free update for new and existing customers alike.


While ANC and Social Mode are probably the two most noteworthy updates, there are a few other goodies here. Previously, the touch-sensitive discs on the headband could be assigned one action each (play/pause, skip track, etc.). Now, you can assign actions for both single tap and double tap -- giving you a total of four controls from the headset directly. Best of all, this includes toggling social mode and volume control (the one I was craving the most).

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