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Sennheiser's wireless headphones give Bose some competition

Bose is widely regarded as best in class, with its QuietComfort 35s doing a stellar job at blocking out unwanted distractions when it comes to noise-cancelling headphones. Here at CES, Sennheiser has its own wireless model with active noise cancellation: the HD 4.50BTNC. Naturally we wanted to see how the headphones held up in the chaos of a trade show booth. Spoiler alert: Bose may have some competition on its hands.

While the company actually debuted two wireless versions here in Las Vegas, the $200 HD 4.50BTNC adds active noise cancellation for $50 more than the HD 4.40BT. As a refresher, Bose's QC35s are $350. Sennheiser's new headphones are not only $150 less, but their performance is nearly on par with those Bose cans.

With the HD 4.50BTNC, you can expect a warm clear sound with crisp highs and punchy bass that's adequate but never overpowers. Much like the QC35s, if you want a heavy dose of low-end like Beats and others employ, you'll want to look elsewhere. For those who are after crisp audio and well-rounded tone, the HD 4.50BTNC is worth considering. Even when I cranked them all the way up, the sound remained quite clear and didn't distort.

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