1.VCOM? I have never heard about it, why should I be your distributor?
Answer: Because we can help you to enlarge the local market through our brand. VCOM was established in 2002. Now, VCOM is a famous brand in China. We have been rapidly developing in the international market and becoming a global brand. We have more than 90 distributors and agents. Cooperating with us, we can grow up together and you will get good profit.
2.What does VCOM mean?
Answer: VCOM means value coming. VCOM will bring the value to our business partner, distributors and agents.
3.What’s the advantage of VCOM?
Answer: We have a wonderful team with firm belief that our brand will be famous and beyond Monster and Belkin. Our products are stylish and the packing design is attractive. The quality is high and the price is competitive. We have a very good product development process. We will design and produce new products according to the consumer electronics market trends. More importantly, we will develop the local market with our agents and distributors together.
4.What will VCOM do to support the marketing?
Answer: At the beginning of our cooperation, we will provide our distributors and agent free Propaganda materials, such as catalog, Color page, poster, gift, show stand to develop local market. With the development of our cooperation, we will help our business partner establish website and independent store to promote our brand in local market. We also participate in the local exhibition with our partner together. Our company spends over 2 million dollars on market promotion through our distributors and agents every year to enhance the reputation and increase the market sales volume.
5.What is the positioning of VCOM ? 
Answer: That is a good question. We don’t focus on the low-end market, either on the extreme high-end market, because most of the consumers belong to medium class market. VCOM targets at medium class market to serve the most of the world's consumer. In this position, our agents will obtain greater development, gain greater market and get more profit. So we will have a bright future.
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