VCOM Service
VCOM service team will offer the best service to our distributors.
We have VCOM logistic center, it will make deliver goods very fast; we keep working hard to make VCOM be a global top brand, and also a top brand in each local market for our distributors;
most important, VCOM will offer lots of marketing support to our distributors.
At the beginning of our cooperation, we will provide our distributors and agent free Propaganda materials, such as catalog, Color page, poster, gift, show stand to develop local market.
With the development of our cooperation, we will help our business partner establish website and independent store to promote our brand in local market.
We also participate in the local exhibition with our partner together. Our company spends over 2 million dollars on market promotion through our distributors and agents every year to enhance the reputation and increase the market sales volume.

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Working Time:
9 am- 6 pm
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