Here, everyone is against GEN1 ≠ GEN2, USB Type-C interface

5Gbps is enough to meet user needs now. And you can wait for upgrades in the future. However, AnandTech ’s article said that Apple ’s interface here is not called USB3.0, but the so-called USB 3.1 Gen1, whose speed is halved than the standard. The full-speed version will be USB3.1 Gen2. That means if you want to achieve 10Gbps, you must use Type-C. But using Type-C doesn’t mean that the speed can reach 10Gbps. Well, this is the same reason that USB 1.1 was incorporated into the USB 2.0 system and called USB 2.0 FullSpeed. Here, everyone is against GEN1 ≠ GEN2, USB Type-C interface, who are you cheating? Everyone should also be aware that the association has certified the USB3.0 TO TYPE C series as the GEN2 10G test standard. It is also for the improvement of the above puzzles and self-explanation. In the fourth quarter of 2020 , The association should provide completed version TYPE C revised version specifications. Just in the first year of TYPE C, more surprises about the speed and the thorough specifications will bring a higher rate of personal experience!