Mainland high-frequency cable equipment has occupied the mainstream market of high-frequency cables

With the most basic USB upgrade from version 1.0 to version 4, it directly develops the frequency bandwidth from 12Mbps to 40Gbps. Not to mention the other 80Gbps of DP2.0 and 40Gbps of Thunderbolt4, the bandwidth of the big data S28 series of servers and switches directly points to the future 800Gbps. From the beginning, we sighed at the high frequency of 4.98Gbps of HDMI1.2 version. Up to now, high-frequency parameters of various cables have high requirements and then all kinds of cables around them have begun to require high-frequency and high-speed transmission. Along with this, higher requirements are placed on various process designs and supporting equipment. Today let’s talk about our cable equipment over the years and introduce several current industry-leading cable equipment to share with you .