What’s the DisplayPort 2.1

What’s the DisplayPort 2.1


DisplayPort is the worldwide standard for PC monitors and embedded displays. DisplayPort is supported on high-performance PC graphics cards, mobile devices, and laptops using Thunderbolt and USB4 etc.

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DisplayPort's "vision": Designed to replace older standards such as DVI and VGA, opening up new possibilities for computing, digital displays, and consumer electronics.

Evolution of DP (DisplayPort) version

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Both ends of the DisplayPort 2.1 cable will be marked with DP40 or DP80, which is convenient for users to distinguish. The certified DP40 data cable can support up to Ultra-High Bit Rate (UHBR)10 10Gbps, and the combination of four channels is 40Gbps; The DP80 certified data cable supports Ultra-High Bit Rate (UHBR)20 20Gbps, and the maximum of four channels combined is 80Gbps.

In version 2.1, VESA introduced DP40 and DP80 cable certification layers to verify UHBR 10 and UHBR 20 speed cables respectively.